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Model 1 portable landfill gas blower/flare set


Self contained blower and flare set for disposal of landfill gas. This unit has a blower, moisture separator and flare unit all pre-assembled on a single skid for quick installation in the field. The mast is shipped lowered and can be raised quickly by one man once on site, without a crane or other heavy equipment. The unit includes proprietary electric ignition for automatic flame ignition and re-ignition without the need for propane or other pilot fuel.

Equipment List

  • Blower Centrifugal blower with shaft seal and direct connected motor
  • Flame arrestor
  • Honeycomb type designed for methane mixtures
  • Moisture separator (knockout pot)
  • 24" diameter x 5' tall with 50 gallon liquid holding capacity.

Control panel

  • NEMA 3R enclosure for electrical equipment
  • Ignition
  • High tension spark ignition
  • Instrumentation (standard)
  • Running time meter, thermocouple for flame confirmation

Landfill Gas Requirements

The flare will burn reliably with landfill gas having a methane content of 25% to 60% by volume. In the vase majority of cases, landfill gas in properly designed and constructed gas collection systems falls within this range. The gas collection system needs to have proper means of separating condensate from the gas, as excessive "slugs" of condensate traveling with the gas will damage the blower internals and may result in plugging of the flame arrestor.

Electrical Equipment

The flare has a self contained control panel which includes main circuit breaker, motor starter with overload heaters, running time meter and controls for security light and ignition. Stock units are constructed to operate on 208/240 volt single phase service (50 amp service required). Three phase units at 240, 480 or 600 volts are available on special order.

Available Accessories

  • Telephone auto dialer for automatic callout upon upset (Cellular option)
  • Flow measurement instrumentation
  • Methane quality instrumentation
  • Oxygen measurement instrumentation
  • Chart recorders for any of the above
  • Diesel generator for operation in areas without electrical service (optional 7 day fuel tanks available)
  • Stainless steel piping
  • High level alarm for water separator
  • High vibration alarm for blower
  • Gauges for suction and discharge pressure
  • Sampling ports for gas sampling


  • Capacity 50-450 SCFM of lfg
  • Gas composition landfill gas with methane between 20 and 60% by volume
  • Electrical requirements 208/240 VAC, 50 amp single phase
  • Ignition automatic by high tension spark
  • Suction pressure up to 25" w.c. (higher on special order)
  • Piping materials carbon steel, welded and flanged
  • Moisture separator carbon steel, coated with high build epoxy
  • Flame wind shield stainless steel
Thermocouple Type K with cast iron industrial weatherheadHeight 15'-6" to top of flame shield above foundationShipping weight 3,000 lb

Shipping dim. 12'-0" x 6'-0 x 5'-6"(h)

Utilities Required

The HPC flare requires only electrical power and connection to landfill gas to operate. A telephone connection is required for the optional dial-out phone connection. No compressed air, pilot fuel or other utility is needed.

Foundation Requirements

The HPC flare is commonly installed on a level site on 6"x6" pressure treated timbers. If installed on timbers, then the mast must be connected to guy wires anchored at least ten feet horizontal distance from the mast. Alternatively, the unit can be installed on a concrete foundation, either a solid pad or on grade beams. If the unit can be anchored to the concrete base (minimum of four anchor bolts, 1/2 inch diameter, securely embedded in the concrete) then the guy wires are not needed.

The Model One, Size Two flare is similar except that it is designed for an LFG flow of 300-1000 SCFM, with appropriate changes to equipment sizes and dimensions. The top of the wind shield is 21'-9" above the foundation.

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